about us.

Hi, I'm Meag, founder of ICHI NI kids. Launched in 2022, ICHI NI is a modern gender neutral basics brand for kids ages 4-12Y, made to fit oversized for a cool street style vibe.

As a young child of Japanese heritage I was raised with the belief that less is more. That simplicity does not mean boring, but just the opposite. With the careful curation of details, fabric, color and design it can be unique, cool and long lasting. ICHI NI is a collection that playfully mixes my Japanese influence with the Californian aesthetic. We love soft and comfortable fabrics, color, texture, big and bold graphics and prints. 

We are founded on the principle of quality over quantity, we are not mass produced. All of our garments are produced in small batches and adhere to strict ethical production practices to ensure quality, craftsmanship and uniqueness. We use special wash and dye processes to give our garments a lived-in vintage feel and the softest hand. Our prints are one of a kind and each piece is hand sewn, hand dyed and hand screen printed. They're unique, just like the kiddo who wears them.

At ICHI NI we strive to be sustainably minded as much as we can. It’s super important to us that we work with people and places that value and respect their people, their production practices and the environment just as much as we do. Our clothes are handmade in two small family-owned manufacturing facilities. One in Los Angeles and the other in Hong Kong. Our tissue paper is recyclable and our garment bags and mailers are 100% compostable. The fashion industry is hard on our planet and we will always work toward finding ways to be kind to our earth.

NEVER BORING — Just Effortlessly Cool.

We want to be the stuff your kids can live in everywhere, everyday and for a long time to come.



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